Local authorities to target unlicensed adventure activity providers

This year, local authorities across Great Britain are targeting unlicensed adventure activity providers that may be operating within scope, and in contravention of the Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations.

This campaign aims to ensure that anyone providing licensable activities has had their safety management systems assessed by an AALA inspector. It is an offence to provide licensable activities without a licence and anyone found doing so can expect the authorities to take enforcement action including the use of Notices to stop provision of the activity in question, and if appropriate, prosecution.

Those who hold a valid licence are unlikely to receive a visit, so licence holders are reminded to make sure their licence is valid and check the expiry date. To allow uninterrupted provision of licensable activities, they will have to submit their renewal application at least 3 months prior to the expiry of their existing licence. Licence holders are also advised to check that their licence permits them to provide all the licensable activities they offer. If it does not, they should inform AALA immediately by emailing AALA-Applications@hse.gov.uk

Posted – 20/06/24