Coronavirus and your licence application

We know that the Covid-19 outbreak is causing significant uncertainty and disruption for adventure activity providers and that this disruption may extend for some time yet.

During this period HSE (as the AALA) and Adventure RMS are continuing to provide adventure activity licensing as far as possible and we have made some adjustments to the application process to accommodate this and to support activity providers as you try to manage the disruption caused by the outbreak. 

Application reviews/inspections 

Where measures to contain the outbreak prevent adventure activities or site visits (inspections) taking place then your inspector will seek to undertake as much, and possibly all, of the review process remotely. This may be supplemented by a later visit by an inspector to observe activities taking place once they resume. The changes being made to AALA already place a greater emphasis on the advance review of documentary evidence and these adjustments will build on that approach. 

Renewal applications 

We recognise that some providers may wish to delay making an application until the situation becomes clearer. If you do so, we will try to review your application without delay but please be aware that the review period allows for up to 90 days for a licensing decision and we may be dealing with a significant number of other applications at that time. 


A highly magnified photograph of the Covid-19 virus

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