Beyond COVID-19 – a new normal

Preparing for a new normal……..whatever that looks like!

Adventure RMS inspectors are starting to see providers thinking about how they might operate during a period between the current restrictions and their complete removal. Quite what this period will look like or how long it might last is uncertain, but what is clear is that thinking about what you might be able to deliver and how you might be able to do so will mean you are ready to take advantage of any opportunities it provides.

There will be individuals and groups wanting to get into the outdoors, but there will be worries and concerns about the implications in terms of infection for providers, their staff, and participants. Thinking about this now could mean you are ready with a plan to put into action at the earliest opportunity. As soon as restrictions are eased there will be lots of work to do, so anything you can do now to prepare and plan is probably a good use of your time.

There is useful, openly available, information from national governing bodies, organisations and government on resuming activities:


British Canoeing

Canoe Wales

Canoe Scotland


Restart Sailing

Off Road Cycling

Caving Safety
Photo: Phil Baker
Highly magnified Covid-19 virus

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